Don’t Change Yourself.

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Ever been the outsider in something? Say school, or sports teams? Not being the  best or have the best most expensive clothes?Well i have. There’s  that group of girls at school that are all popular with the boyfriends and expensive clothes. All have IPhones and the nice bodies. They walk by you in the hall and just stare at you.Secretly judging you.But yet its not really a secret cause the looks the give you then wispier to there friend and start laughing.Its not the first time this has happened more like the billionth.Its obvious they said something about you.Maybe its your clothes? Or the way you put your hair? Or even its because your not wearing makeup. It could even be that they know stuff about you. You never have had sex, done drugs, or drank. You don’t know which one it could be none of those things. But yet you go home. take some of your older sisters clothes and makeup. Go to sleep that night thinking if this is going to work, will I be accepted? Have a place to sit at lunch? The next morning you put on her hottest clothes, put on layers of makeup. You even burn yourself a good five times from trying to straighten your hair. So you get to school, walking in the halls to your locker. You get a few stares, but there good ones. Did this work? You secretly smile to yourself. You get to your locker and putting your books away  you see the same group of girls. Look at you. Stare. laugh. And walk away like i was just a joke. I thought it would work… It didn’t. You walk home crying that Friday night. Go lay down in bed and remember there’s that big party that everyone’s going to. Its at the most popular guy in schools house. His names Jake hes the quarterback of the football team. He lives right down the street from you but you guys never talk. This time you put on even more makeup and slutty clothes. Curl you hair, Or at least try to. Sneak out all because you hope you will be accepted. You go to the party thinking just being there will help people gain respect for you. But people don’t even notice who you are and don’t care. They walk up to you a put a cup of beer in your hand and start dancing. Before you noticed you have had five beers and you being a lightweight your already drunk. That night you get tangled up with the wrong guy and get up to some stuff you shouldn’t have. You had sex that night and everyone would find out. You got drunk and everyone would be talking about it at school for the next week. That Monday you go to school walking in with hot clothes, makeup on, and hair done. Some of the boys hit on you and slap your ass. Your start to think things are turning up for you just because people are giving you attention.You start hanging out with all the bad boys. Eat with them at lunch and start getting this new attitude to you. Going from a straight A student, never getting in trouble, always nice to people. To now a straight C student who gets drunk every weekend, having sex with guys you don’t even know. Being mean to people. You find yourself giving girls stares like you were given. Mean ones and start laughing. Just cause there still virgins. Never had alcohol or drugs. Making them feel like you did. You changed yourself from girl who was a smart student to a bad ass who drinks and has sex every weekend. Just because you wanted to fit in with the popular group. You felt different so you changed! You became a whole new person just because people made you feel like an outsider!So you changed how  you were for them! You don’t have to change you for someone else just because your different. Everyone’s different, weather its the skin color to the eye color, personality. Don’t change yourself to fit some one else image of you. Make yourself to fit your image and to be who you want. Because there’s people out there who are like you. They play guitar or loving acting and are in drama club. There are ways to put yourself out there and make friends. Put yourself out there by sitting with someone different at lunch. Or someone in band, they have something in common with you. But yourself out there in good ways. Moral of this story is to not let someone else’s image of you define you. Don’t let someone change you. Stay true to you. Because being you in better then being a fake bitch.

-Emily Fleming

  1. YOU! are a wonderful, wonderful writer Emily! I loved this post, as well as the one you wrote about confidence. Thank you so much for directing me to your blog. I signed up. Maybe you could write something about yourself on your “About” page? I’d love to learn more about what makes you… you.

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