Walls of Pain.

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

The walls stand between us

We can break them down if we wanted to

But I don’t

I don’t think you want to either

You keep your distance

Never talk to me

I like it like that

When you do talk to me

I’m in a box

The walls start caving in the more you talk

Your voice brings a sharp pain to not me ears

But my heart

Piercing through like a knife

Once I have had enough

I start flooding the box with tears

I feel like I’m going die

But sadly I’m not

You keep coming and your words keep hurting

I tell you I have enough

You get even madder

Go head hit me

I bet you would

You want to

You start getting stressed


You’re yelling

I’m scared


Leave me alone

You leave me


But you forget to take me out of the box

You leave me and I’m still in my pool of tears

Even when you’re gone I’m still hurting

You damaged me

I can’t be fixed

I’m broken


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