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The Forest Of Hell

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Going through something that you struggle very much with is hard. It can be something like bulling or parents divorce. Anything the upsets you and can bring you to tears is a struggle. But what i’m talking about it something thats on going. Something that you cant get rid of. Its always there lurking around. never really goes away. You stay up all night crying about it. Not wanting to go to sleep cause you know that once you lay there you will think and think and think about it. Think about it until you cry yourself to sleep. 
It’s like walking in the forest at night, it’s pitch dark. as your walking it’s just darkness. No light at the end that u can see. You can’t go back because that’s all the shit you left behind. So you keep walking. Keep going through everything by yourself. Because last I checked no one wants to walk in that dark forest with you. Maybe if you were walking though and there was some light, some hope. Then they would. But it’s too dark, too scary. Too much unknown for them. So you walk alone in the forest of hell. There’s nothing you can do besides just keep walking. So you keep walking.